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It Takes Time

I wanted to start off the week with a little Monday motivation for everyone. I know most of the recent posts have been motivational, but I think it is necessary for every business owner. I was speaking with a spray tanner earlier (I won’t mention any names =D), and they said that their business was […]


This word is monumental to you as a business owner. I can guarantee that every single person that is reading this article struggles with this. I know I do. Focus is essentially the ability to pay attention to things that will help your business and avoid distractions that will hurt it. A great podcast that […]

What Competition?

Competition is one of, if not the, most talked about aspects of any business or market. I speak with business owners all the time and they talk more about their competition then they do their OWN business!!! I want to give you some reasons why your competition is actually good for you and your business. […]

Marketing Your Spray Tan Business

Marketing can make or break your business. It can also help to set you apart from your competition, speak to your ideal clients and convey your underlying marketing message. The marketing dilemma I can talk marketing all day, every day. I love doing it, I love studying it, and most of all I love helping […]

Business Ain’t Easy

I love business. I love the spray tanning business. I love the challenges that come with starting and growing a business. To me it is just an amazing opportunity for anyone that wants to get into business for themselves. But man oh man, is it a lot of work! The 80/20 Rule Have you ever […]

One thing that can make or break your business

So you just started your spray tan business and you have everything together. You’ve gone through training, practiced, spray tanned your kids, husband and siblings so much that they won’t even talk to you anymore. You’ve got all of your “ducks in a row” and now you are ready for those first paying customers! There […]

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