Below is a list of recommended resources that I have used, or learned about over the past 8 years in the business.  Some of these amazing resources were shared from some of the wonderful guests we have had on the happytans podcast.  Check them out!

1. Neat Feat

These were created by a good friend of mine that has been in the industry for over a decade.  They have some great advantages over the normal sticky feet that you buy elsewhere.

2. Sjolie spray tan solution - #9

I started in the sunless tanning industry thanks to Sjolie Sunless.  They have some of the best products in the market.  The #9 is the most popular solution they have to offer.

3. Sjolie ph balacing spray

One of the most popular products used daily for spray tan artists is a pH balacing, or "prep" spray. This helps you to optimize the pH levels in the skin to achieve a darker tan that lasts longer. For only $8 it's a no-brainer.

4. Sjolie Pro-Blend Barrier Cream

Barrier cream is used to help prevent solution from getting onto specific parts of the skin and body, such as dry spots, hands & feet. The Sjolie Pro-Blend barrier cream is the best on the market.

4. Kraft Paper (recyclable)

This is a good alternative to sticky feet and for those that don't want to wash a lot of towels. This allows you to change paper after every client, while also avoiding the dreaded brown on the bottom of your client's feet.

Disclosure: Some of these are affiliate links, and at no additional cost to you, I’ll earn a commission if you decide to make a purchase. I do have experience with each of the products or services listed below so I feel fully comfortable recommending them. Please do not spend any money on the products unless you feel you need them to achieve your goals. It turns out a lot of the things I use are free so you should be able to do the same.

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