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#54 – Scratching your own itch

Most of you can relate with Bethany's story because she created her business out of necessity because SHE wanted a natural-looking tan. Now, 3+ years later, she is operating a full-fledge, successful business.

#53 – Doing your “happy dance”

Lucy Salguero is joining us from Fresno, California where she owns Tanning Luxe. She began with mobile tanning and she continues to provide mobile tanning services in addition to tanning by appointment only at a studio.

#52 – Going back to school!

Today we are joined by Lizz Schmitz, owner of Queen City Tan in Cincinnati, Ohio. She jumped into the industry a little over a year ago and is already making waves through a tremendous amount of work as well as plenty of trial and error.

#51 – Buying Into the Business

Today we welcome Heather Souther of Safely Sunning in Topeka, Kansas! She jumped into spray tanning after completing hair school and eventually connected with someone needing help in the industry.

#50 – A Turning Point

Jena Mehlberg is the owner of CATALYST Salon in Orlando, Florida.  She entered the industry in 2008 and quickly progressed to mobile tanning in 2009 due to some challenges Jena openly shares with our listeners.