Anyone who has tried spray tanning knows what happens when their feet are unprotected. Tanned soles look unnatural and streaky, which is why sticky feet are a must-have tanning accessory.

If you want to protect your feet from discoloration, continue reading to know our recommendations for sticky feet for spray tanning and how to choose them.

At a Glance:

  1. Neat Feet Pads - Best Overall
  2. Thermalabs Feet Pads - Best Anti-slip Option
  3. KobbTan Feet Pads - Budget Choice

The 3 Best Sticky Feet for Spray Tanning in 2021

Here is a list of the absolute best adhesive foot pads for spray tanning on the market right now and what makes them stand out.

1. Neat Feet Pads - Best Overall

If you’re a spray tanning professional, you have clients to please. So, you don’t want to settle for a lesser quality. That’s why we recommend the Neat Feet Pads, as they were made by professionals for professionals.

First things first, these affordable pads come in 25 pairs so that you can service multiple clients with them. They come in a one-size-fits-all option, which makes them convenient in a tanning salon. They’re wider than average pads to cater to different foot sizes and shapes as well.

They’re made of a thick cardboard material that’s durable to maintain integrity yet flexible so that your clients can move comfortably. The best thing about cardboard is that it’s 100% recyclable, which means you can dispose of it responsibly without adding waste to landfills.

Best Features:

  • Affordable
  • 100% recyclable
  • Wide
  • Thick cardboard material
  • One-size-fits-all
  • Comes with 25 pairs

2. Thermalabs Feet Pads - Best Anti-Slip Option

All sticky feet serve the purpose, which is to protect the feet from discoloration while spray tanning. However, not all of them are prepared to protect you from slipping. If you want adhesive strips with a grip, we highly recommend the Thermalabs Feet Pads.

Besides providing premium quality and performance, the 50 pairs of Thermalabs pads are reasonably priced. Additionally, they come in a one-size-fits-all option, up to size 12, which you can cut however you want if you have smaller feet. This sizing means that everyone can put them on and be comfortable.

The material is excellent. They’re made of premium, hygienic PE foam, which is so comfortable on the feet that you’ll forget that you have something sticking to them. More importantly, they have an anti-slip design that provides much-needed traction.

Best Features:

  • Reasonably priced
  • Premium PE foam
  • Anti-slip
  • Comes with 50 pairs

3. KobbTan Feet Pads - Budget Choice

Sometimes you want to keep your feet protected in a way that’s more effective than towels or cling-films but still on a budget. Enter affordable sticky feet. The KobbTan Feet Pads are the most convenient solution at a budget-friendly price point.

These incredibly affordable pads come in 25 pairs to satisfy many clients and numerous personal uses. Also, they’re made of thick paper material that protects the bottom of your feet from the infamous color transfers and streaky lines.

The disposable pads adhere to the bottom of the feet, leaving no space for tan runoffs and other shenanigans. If you’re for a no-nonsense option that gets the job done at the best price, these pairs will definitely do it.

Best Features:

  • Incredibly affordable
  • Thick paper material
  • Comes with 25 pairs

How to Pick Sticky Feet for Spray Tanning

If it’s your first time getting sticky footpads for spray tanning, here are a few things to consider.


The material of the sticky feet makes all the difference in how they perform. The good ones are usually made of PE foam because it’s lightweight yet durable. Also, the material should be hygienic and doesn’t leave sticky residue behind. Recyclable material is good for the environment as well.


Comfort is essential when it comes to sticky feet. You need adhesive strips that are contoured to the shape of the feet to be comfortable for you to walk around in.

It’s also important that these adhesive strips are slip-resistant because the environment of their usage can get very slippery. 

Slipping while spray tanning is one of the least graceful positions to be in and will lead to messy tanning. So, make sure you get anti-slip pairs that have a good grip.


Since these slippers are supposed to protect the bottom of the feet while not interfering with the tanning that happens to the top, it should be the user’s size. One-size-fits-all pairs are great to skip all the guesswork.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Not Get a Spray Tan on the Bottom of Your Feet?

You can just stand on a towel, which is the most available option. Adding couch rolls over the towel acts as an extra layer of safety. We also recommend applying a barrier cream. Cling-film is pretty convenient for protection. The most effective solution would be sticky feet.

Can You Put Lotion on Your Legs Before a Spray Tan?

Moisturizing goes a long way before spray tanning. You should keep your skin moisturized days before the appointment to avoid a flaky tan. However, on the day of the spray tan, you should only moisturize dry problem areas, such as elbows, knees, etc. Otherwise, the tan would be too light.

Can You Shave and Tan on the Same Day?

No. The reason is that shaving and other forms of hair removal irritate the skin and leave it sensitive. Also, the tan may get into cuts, open pores, and other places that you wouldn’t want it to accentuate. It’s best to shave at least 24 hours prior.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, our article on sticky feet has been informative and helpful for your next tanning appointment. Our favorite choice is the Neat Feet Pads because they cater to professional standards by combining affordability with comfortable, recyclable materials and inclusive sizing.

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