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Latest Episodes

#92 – Meet the Founder – Amanda Arnold

In this episode of the happytans podcast, we are joined by Amanda Arnold from the Shady Sun. Amanda has been in the industry for a while and has been on both sides of the industry - both as an artist and also as a product creator. She has a lot of experience on both sides of the business and shares some very helpful information for anyone in the industry.

#91 – Meet the Founder – Karla Clarke

In this episode, Karla shares her unlikely story of how she created Unfiltered Tan and has quickly grown to one of the most loved brands in the industry. She went from dabbling around with spray tanning and products, to launching the Unfiltered Tan brand.

#90 – Meet the Founder – John Darroch

In this episode of the happytans podcast, John Darroch from Apollo Sprayers shares a lot of helpful information into the equipment side of the sunless tanning industry. He is the first guest we had that specializes in equipment for the sunless industry.