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#62 – How to Make a Business Partnership Work

In this episode of the happytans podcast, Ashley Sousa talks about what it takes to run a successful partnership.  As you will hear, partnerships, in business or life, are very challenging at times, but there are some key things you can do to make it work.

#61 – Leveraging Facebook to Grow Your Business

In this episode, Stevie shares her story of how she was able to relocate her new business from California to Texas and grow it into something she never expected.  After having her third baby, she decided that working a boring, corporate desk job wasn't for her.  She wanted to do something she was passionate about.  Enter spray tanning!

#60 – Make spray tanning your niche

In this episode, Teasha shares her amazing story about how she found spray tanning as her "outlet" and something she could do outside of taking care of her kids & family.  She turned to spray tanning when her second baby was around 3 months old.  Out of necessity, she jumped all-in and started taking online spray tan training courses to learn exactly what to do.

#59 – Make sure it’s the right thing for YOU!

In this episode, Shanna Hall takes you through her 10-year career in the sunless tanning industry.  What started a side-hustle, turned into a full-time business that has grown considerably over the past 4 years.  She has a certain level of determination that is unwavering and really helps to move the needle for her and her business.

#58 – Award-Winning Spray Tan Artist James Harknett

In this episode, James will tell you about his 20+ years of experience in the sunless tanning industry.  Through his career, he has become one of the most well-known artists in the world, along with Jimmy Coco.  The two of them recently did a closed interview for our amazing sunless tanning community, Sunless Evolution.

#57 – Business in a small town

In this episode, Kara will share her insights on how she was able to create a business in a small town in Tennessee. Over the last couple of years, she has even expanded her business into a new physical location!