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Latest Episodes

#122 – Earn extra income with piercing

In this episode of the happytans podcast, Kali and Krissy share an amazing way to add more revenue to your business and money in your pocket.  Have you ever considered adding piercing to your menu of services?

A relatively quick-and-easy service that can generate an almost immediate return on investment (ROI) and is easy to market to your existing clients. may even bring new clients in the door for your spray tanning business!

#121 – Delegation, Partnership & Growth

On this episode of happytans podcast, we welcome special guests Sabrina and Charisse from Look Love Beauty. They have been operating since August 2019 and have expanded to offer spray tanning services. The episode focuses on advice for those looking to start or expand a business, including the importance of delegation and finding ways to avoid burnout.

Bonus Episode – Permanent Jewelry with Jake Randolph

On this bonus episode of happytans podcast, we delve into the world of permanent jewelry and discover how it has transformed the lives of several individuals. We speak to Jake Randolph from Linked Permanent Jewelry who tells us about this trending industry and how it can help individuals offset slower seasons in their beauty businesses.

#119 – Growing with the changes

In this episode of the happytans podcast, we welcome back Teasha Buxton from The Sun Gun Tanning.  She was previously featured on the podcast back in early 2020 and much has changed with her and her business.