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#36 – Glow By Erin

Today we are interviewing Erin Tietsort from Tulsa, Oklahoma! Erin was no stranger to sunless tanning when she began working in the industry. As a natural redhead, she began using self tanners to enhance her naturally pale skin and eventually upgraded to spray tanning as it became popular.

#35 – Take Action, Gain Traction!

Leah Wafful owns Bronze 515 Custom Airbrush Tanning in Des Moines, Iowa.  Like many others, she has a spray tanning business in addition to other endeavors.  She also feels fortunate to be able to own her business and be under 30!

#34 – Learning what works for YOU

Brittney Bennett began her career in the hotel industry. As she relocated to Los Angeles, CA to continue pursuing her career, she needed a way to remain afloat financially in this expensive town…enter spray tanning! Little did she know, she would quickly learn providing the service of spray tanning was only a small piece of the business puzzle.

#31 – A Group Effort with Bronzed Humanity

Join us as we chat with Megan & Lauren, co-owners of Bronzed Humanity in San Jose, CA. They share about their co-owning experience and their different management roles, which help them to collaboratively tackle all the facets of their business.