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#48 – Thinking big

Today we are joined by Haley Murphy from San Luis Obispo, California. She’s the owner of OATS, which stands for Organic Airbrush Tanning Salon. Her journey began as a client, as many of our other interviewees have shared. Although finding success in full time employment elsewhere, Haley was determined to make a change and desired to reach higher!

#47 – Leap of Faith

Today we are welcoming Kait all the way from Winnipeg in Canada! Although she’s only been in the industry for a short amount of time, she’s quickly paving her way. With many years of experience in the service industry and a lack of interest in pursuing the “college-job-work for others” route, Kait took a leap of faith to work for herself!

#46 – Collaboration over Competition

Jessica Creese is the owner of Bronzed Belles in Weatherford, Texas. She has successfully owned her salon for the last 5 years and has been in the industry for over 14 years. During this time, she worked in and out of the industry, left her business for a time, and came back committed and stronger!

#45 – Business is business!

Jenna Alvarado’s interest in spray tanning began with a personal experience with a friend and a Google search. She serves over 30 different towns and shares with our listeners the different elements that have allowed her to generate such a wide-range of business. She also offers great advice for utilizing social media, specifically Instagram, to connect with clients!

#44 – Finding a new path

Today we are joined by Marleen Antelo, the owner and founder of Smooth Summer Tan. Her mobile tanning business exists in Austin, Texas and she also recently released a tan remover product, which you can hear more about in the interview!

#43 – From a job to a career

Jenna O’Connell began working in the sunless tanning industry at age 16, one of our youngest to date! She joined the team at Blush Tan (Blushtan™) in Worcester, Massachusetts, where at the time she was simply looking for a high school job.