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#29 – A new business concept

This interview features Christina Kauffman, the owner of Blush Tan in Boston, MA.  She not only owns multiple locations in Boston, she also manages a licensing program.  If you’ve been following us here on happytans, you may notice this is new information to our ears.

#28 – This business is flexible with Joanie Sprague

Joanie Sprague of Huntington Beach, CA owns #whitegirlproblems and is here to speak with us about her journey in the industry.  She began her career learning from one of the pros, Katie Quinn.  Since then, she has utilized spray tanning as a side-gig passion project.

#27 – It’s a lot of work with Nora Rousseau

Nora Rousseau owns Norganic Tan in Broad Brook, Connecticut.  She started her business within her home and has since upgraded to a studio space.  The spray tanning industry attracts all sorts of individuals, including Nora who never had a spray tan prior to beginning her business!

#25 – Plan and Take Action with Amanda Bowling

Tune in now to listen to Amanda Bowling, founder and owner of The Blush & Glow Studio in Augusta, GA. She shares about intimate, meaningful moments with clients, finding balance between personal and family needs, and offers countless tips and tools along the way!

#24 – Just Getting Started with Rachel Tyson

Rachel Tyson has only been in the tanning industry for a year yet she’s making leaps with her business, Organic Bronzing Studio, in Alexandria, VA.  She’s made significant changes to reach her aspirations in the sunless tanning industry while also creating balance and structure within her life.