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Latest Episodes

#78 – Patience

In this episode of the happytans podcast, Brielle shares her wonderful story of how she took initiative and started her spray tan business without any hesitation.

#77 – Do not be afraid, and never settle

With over 17 years of experience at a large chain of tanning salons, Total Tan, Michelle had a lot of experience in the industry.  Not only did she learn a lot from what they did right, but she also learned what else she wanted to do differently.

#75 – Growing a business and a team

Growing a business is never easy, and managing a team maybe even more challenging. Our guest today, Merissa Dixon, is successfully doing both of these things. Her business, Tanaholix Sunless, has been growing steadily over the past few years. Check out this episode and learn what Merissa and her team are doing right!

#74 – SHADE

In this episode, Heather shares her story about how she got started in the tanning industry back in 2006 in Miami, FL.  At that time, social media wasn't prevalent so she was able to spray tan celebrities regularly.  After following her culinary passion and going to culinary school, she circled back to her original passion - spray tanning.

#73 – Bronze me Baby!

Keri has only been in the sunless industry for a couple of years but has already made her mark in a number of ways.  Through her networking and connections, she has been able to spray on runways for fashion shows and also for some other iconic events.