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Latest Episodes

#65 – A full-time side hustle

In this episode, Alietha shares her story of how she discovered spray tanning and found a passion for providing a quality service.  What started as an opportunity at a local gym blossomed into a full-fledge mobile spray tanning business.

#64 – A True Passion for Spray Tanning

In this episode, Brittani from Bronzed by Brittani, shares her journey over the last 7.5 years.  Over the years she has faced her share of challenges, but that hasn't stopped her from chasing after her dreams. 

#62 – How to Make a Business Partnership Work

In this episode of the happytans podcast, Ashley Sousa talks about what it takes to run a successful partnership.  As you will hear, partnerships, in business or life, are very challenging at times, but there are some key things you can do to make it work.

#61 – Leveraging Facebook to Grow Your Business

In this episode, Stevie shares her story of how she was able to relocate her new business from California to Texas and grow it into something she never expected.  After having her third baby, she decided that working a boring, corporate desk job wasn't for her.  She wanted to do something she was passionate about.  Enter spray tanning!