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#73 – Bronze me Baby!

Keri has only been in the sunless industry for a couple of years but has already made her mark in a number of ways.  Through her networking and connections, she has been able to spray on runways for fashion shows and also for some other iconic events.

#72 – Welcome to Paraguay!

Gianni is one of, if not the, first people to offer spray tanning in Paraguay.  Just around 3 years ago, she brought spray tanning from Los Angeles to Paraguay.  This year she will open her third and fourth location as she continues to grow her business.  As she mentions in the interview, spray tanning is not well known there, yet!  If she has anything to say about it, it soon will be more well known.

#71 – Relocating Your Business (And GROWING It!)

Stefani is the second guest that has come back to join us for a repeat episode.  I am sure glad we did it too!  So much has changed since we recorded our last episode, including Stefani relocation over 5,000 miles from Hawaii to Washington, DC.

#68 – Leveraging a College Town

Jessica Gabriel is the owner of Golden Sunless Tans in Athens, GA, and has been growing her sunless tanning business for over 2 years.  While traveling in California on the west coast she noticed that most people seemed to have a spray tan, which wasn't common in her hometown of Athens.