If you have started your business and put it online, I’m sure you’ve had a ton of phone calls regarding your business, business listing, etc. You may get calls from Yelp, YP or even someone saying that they are from Google.

Let me give you some insight – just say no.


If someone calls you saying they are from Google, this is not true. 99.9% of the time Google will NEVER call you, or anyone else. The call may be from an “SEO” or internet marketer that is a Google Partner, therefore they may claim they are from Google. A Google Partner is simply someone that advertises with Google, or has passed one of their certification courses.

So if someone calls you and says they are from Google, just say no.


YP is very confusing and let me tell you why. They are connected with a lot of small marketing businesses that advertise through YP or you and simply take a percentage to help manage the ads. They will call you and try to sell you on some printed ad placement…wait, did I just say printed ad placement? Yes, like in the free yellow pages book that is dumped outside of your front door. By the way, does everyone just throw this in the recycle bin?

Anyway, don’t advertise with YP.com. They do have an online profile you can pay for, but it is not worth it either. Just say no.


As you all know, this is my favorite company of all time (says Grant in a very sarcastic tone). These people will call you, and call you and call you, and then email you…and then call, call, call. Okay, I think you get it.

I’ve heard of a couple of people (like 2/1million) having success with Yelp ad’s. The rest, yep they wasted their money. Avoid them, please.

I am all about signing up for a free profile and trying your best to get some reviews on there because Yelp does have a strong brand and you can leverage this. But please do not invest a penny with them. It won’t be worth it.

Just ask

I tell everyone that I meet this – if you have any questions about some “advertising deal” just ask me. You will get bombarded with emails and phone calls regarding your business. Those of you that have a website know how many contact forms you receive with SEO inquiries, etc. Those of you that have a happytans 😉 website know that I have taken care of the SEO for you – so please ignore these!

Those of you that don’t have a happytans 😉 site (WHY NOT?! – kidding =D) don’t invest in SEO with someone that sends you a random contact form. Just shoot me a message and let me see if I can help you.

I am here to help you. All you have to do is ask!

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