This may shock your socks off, but if you’re not taking advantage of email marketing you’re leaving money on the table! What do I mean by that? It’s said that 60% of consumers are likely to purchase through email promotions, while only around 12% are likely to purchase through social media. Which means, having that “buy” button on your socials may be beneficial, but it’s still not as effective as sliding into people’s email inboxes. One thing that all business owners have in common: they want to make more money than they currently are. Do you want to make more money in your beauty biz? Of course you do! Money equals freedom, financially and otherwise. You may have read all of that and thought to yourself, “well I do send out emails for my business.” If you do, give yourself a round of applause. But, I must ask you one question; how are you using email marketing? In order to get the best results possible from implementing an email marketing strategy, you can’t leave out the strategy. This means, you  don’t just send out an email willy-nilly a few times a year when you’re running a promotion.

One thing that I have learned to be true is that email marketing will change your life and your business. It’s one of the easiest and quickest things I have implemented into my own business on a consistent basis. It’s hands down the number one aspect that has made a massive difference in the amount of sales I bring in and the quality of the relationships I have with clients.

Have you ever heard the phrase – “The money is in the mailbox?.”  What we know for sure when it comes to email marketing, is that the people who join your email list are already a fan of yours. They are already paying attention to your content and offers and are interested in learning more. By joining your mailing list, they are essentially telling you, “Hey! I like what you’re doing and I want you to tell me more about it!” Going into those emails and focusing on nurturing a connection and building a relationship that fosters trust is where the money is made!

So, how do you actually go about nurturing and growing a connection that leads to sales:

Relate with Stories

Stories build connections. Point blank. Storytelling should be at the forefront of your marketing strategy when it comes to creating content because purchasing decisions come down to emotional urges and storytelling cultivates emotional connection. The stories you share in your email newsletters should have something to do with WHO YOU ARE! It doesn’t even necessarily have to be something that is business or spray tan related. You’re a business owner, but you’re also a human, so make sure you communicate quirky facts about yourself.  Do you like red wine? Are you obsessed with the show Friends and every Thursday tan-day you make sure to watch reruns while you marinate in your fresh glow? Cool! Talk about it in your emails. These are super simple, random facts, but when a fellow wine-lover reads your emails, they’re going to think to themselves, “wow, I’m just like her!” Storytelling helps you relate on a different level and  is a huge aspect to the beginning of building a relationship with the people you serve.

Talk About your WHY

When you’re first starting your business, you tend to have a specific motivation behind what you’re doing. There’s a reason why you’re passionate about your work and why you’ve decided to jump into this crazy thing called, “entrepreneurship.” This reason is your “why.” Maybe your “why” has to do with wanting to provide a better life for your children. Maybe it has to do with having the opportunity to travel the world and impact lives while you do it. Whatever it is that drives you to keep going every single day, even on those days when you question if you made the right decision to go into business for yourself in the first place, share that with the people in your email list. Using email newsletters to talk about where your passion stems from and why what you’re doing is SO much more than just spray tanning, will make all the difference in how people view you and your business.

Communicate With Emotion

As we talked about earlier, purchasing decisions are made based on emotional urges. That’s a very important piece of information because this is what will determine what you include in the content of your emails. This content should trigger some sort of emotion in your readers whether it be, happiness, excitement, sadness, anger, surprise, etc. When your readers feel an emotional connection with the stories you share through your email newsletters, it allows you to cultivate that know-like-trust factor, which is essentially the foundation to making sales through your marketing. People want to buy from people and the core to being a human being, is connection. The fact of the matter is that content that creates an emotional response will also have a much better conversion rate. We all want to feel seen and understood. Although you may think you’re just offering a spray tan service, the reality is that you’re solving someone’s problem and that problem is probably far more deep than just giving them a sunless tan. Effectively using  your humanism and communicating how your service solves that person’s problem is a secret weapon when it comes to selling through email.

Implementing these few tips into your email marketing strategy and staying consistent with sending these types of emails will allow you to see more of the results that you’ve been hoping for. Not to mention, if you haven’t even jumped into your email marketing journey, it’s super easy to get up and running with a plethora of different platforms to choose from, some of which you can use without spending any money. Luckily, I have a few affiliate codes to share with you for the platforms we currently use for Spray Tan Class and X-TAN! For Spray Tan Class we use Kajabi and you can access my affiliate code here. As for X-TAN, we use Flodesk and with the use of my affiliate code you can receive 50% off your first year. I also discuss email newsletter marketing in more depth on our Spray Tan Class Youtube Channel, so feel free to check that out and don’t forget to subscribe for more beauty business tips!



Kelly Callaghan is a corporate dropout turned beauty business CEO. Kelly started her entrepreneurial journey seven years ago with the last $2,000 in her bank account and a huge vision to succeed. Since then, she’s been able to grow her small mobile spray tan business into a half-a-million-dollar international business. Kelly lives for sharing her knowledge to other beauty business owners so they, too, can have more income and gain more freedom. She is the owner of the only internationally accredited spray tan training business, Spray Tan Class as well as X-Tan Sunless, the one-stop-shop for the best in premium quality sunless tanning products.

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