Joanie Sprague interview with the happytans podcast

Joanie Sprague of Huntington Beach, CA owns #whitegirlproblems and is here to speak with us about her journey in the industry.  She began her career learning from one of the pros, Katie Quinn.  Since then, she has utilized spray tanning as a side-gig passion project.

Joanie’s story and the information she shares with the listener highlight the flexibility of this industry.  Not only does she emphasize the benefits of sunless tanning, she also serves as an example of how a little determination and hard work can pay off.

In this episode, you will gain insight about…

  • How to overcome obstacles and learn from your mistakes
  • The importance of referrals and support within the industry
  • Spreading the message about sunless tanning benefits
  • Ways to get people in the door as you begin your business
  • The importance of personality and being yourself
  • Joanie’s approach to tailoring solutions based on client needs
  • And more!

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