This interview features Christina Kauffman, the owner of Blush Tan in Boston, MA.  She not only owns multiple locations in Boston, she also manages a licensing program.  If you’ve been following us here on happytans, you may notice this is new information to our ears.  Christina generously describes some of the key features of her licensing program and how she has expanded her business through this process.

Christina shares a relatable experience about coming into herself as a business owner and what resulted as she built her confidence and grew her business.  Her story highlights the many hats entrepreneurs wear throughout the business process (owner, boss, mentor, trainer, etc.).  She even tells us about one of her proudest moments as she witnessed success in someone close to her.

When starting a new business or looking to take your business to another level, hearing the experience of others can provide a new direction to turn, inject new energy, and encourage us to keep going.  Christina’s story offers a wide variety of information that may be just the thing you’re needing to hear.  In this episode you will learn:

  • Why you should trust your gut and learn how to say no
  • How to grow your business while helping others grow as well
  • Ways to increase channels of income
  • The benefits of structure and looking past the day-to-day
  • How simplifying your process can help you build a diverse team

Reach out to Christina on her website –

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