Join us as we chat with Megan & Lauren, two of the three owners of Bronzed Humanity in San Jose, CA.  They share about their co-owning experience and their different management roles, which help them to collaboratively tackle all the facets of their business.  Although they experienced obstacles as their business grew, they demonstrate the importance of focusing on the customer experience, consistency, marketing, and partnering with other businesses.

Megan & Lauren have housed their business in several different locations over the years, including a small space in a store at the mall.  As their locations changed, so did their services! Bronzed Humanity offers multiple luxury services (tanning, lashes, bridal deals, competition tans), which allows clients to purchase versatile packages and obtain multiple services under one roof.

Throughout this episode, Megan and Lauren offer their collective experience on many helpful topics, including:

  • How to appeal to your desired clientele (i.e., “luxury)
  • The importance of creating a memorable customer experience
  • Why emphasizing the process is so important when your business is growing
  • What branding can do for your business and your customer
  • How to collaborate with other businesses

Many of our interviewees stress the importance of knowing your customer and refining your process and Megan and Lauren are no different.  This episode is a helpful reminder about teamwork, not only within your business but also with other businesses! Tune in now, learn a thing or two (or more) and let us know what you think!

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