Marissa Warren is speaking with us from Brisbane, Australia, where she owns Beyond Bronze, her tanning company, as well as the Australian Beauty Collective.  With Beyond Bronze, Marissa provides tanning services, utilizes her own tanning products, and is soon releasing additional body products to continue her business growth.  The Australian Beauty Collective on the other hand focuses on the community by offering education and support to groups within the area.

Throughout the interview, Marissa demonstrates her approach to owning a business, which includes flexibility, forward planning, structure, and perseverance.  These characteristics have aided her in growing each piece of her business. Marissa also sheds light on the training and coaching side of the tanning industry, which is vital in her opinion to her own personal growth and business success.  She is also a qualified trainer, meaning that she has additional education on not only what to train but HOW to go about training. This is an area we are passionate about here on Happy Tans so tune in to hear about Marissa’s approach!

In addition, in this episode you will learn….

  • How to confront self-doubt and become more resilient
  • Why you need to create a system to accommodate your business growth
  • What it means to value your worth as you determine service costs
  • What is important when it comes to training and coaching (i.e., following through, encouraging questions)
  • Why it helps to STOP focusing on the competition and START committing to your own vision, preferences, etc.

Marissa reminds us that “every day is an adventure” and when we’re exploring, it’s helpful to tap into our own experiences and strengths while also learning from the insights of other.  So tune in, absorb, and let me know what you took away from today’s episode!

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