Elysa Weissbaum is joining us here today on happytans to share a different experience than some of our other interviewees!  Elysa is the Brand Coordinator of Pro Tan® located in South Florida. Pro Tan® not only offers a unique tanning product, they also train spray tanning artists, have a wide array of available products, sponsor events, and remain actively involved in the competition tanning community.  

Elysa shares some of the ins and outs of this large business and the support and services they offer within the spray tanning community.  Pro Tan® also works with affiliates who may have established their own companies and typically utilize the Pro Tan® products. She describes Pro Tan® as a family throughout the interview and you can hear her passion about the business and industry!  

In this episode you will learn..

  • How to join the Pro Tan® team and what it looks like if you join!
  • Why you need to do your research
  • What is means to learn the inner workings of competition-specific tanning
  • Pro Tan® spray tanning process and product options
  • Why it’s important to maintain balance, stay focused, and remain positive!

This episode is designed for those looking to learn about other avenues in the spray tanning industry as well as the potential growth within the competition tanning community!  Elysa sheds light on a whole new experience for our listeners while also clarifying questions you might have about this brand and what it is that they do. Listen now and see if you could be a good fit for their team!

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