Leah Wafful owns Bronze 515 Custom Airbrush Tanning in Des Moines, Iowa.  Like many others, she has a spray tanning business in addition to other endeavors.  She also feels fortunate to be able to own her business and be under 30!

Leah quickly jumps into her marketing strategies, including how she began this process and the changes she has made to her approach since starting her business.  She has taken the time to learn who her customer is, especially since the ideal customer in Des Moines may look different than those living in larger metropolitan areas.  Leah also goes into detail about her membership program, which is a unique feature also encouraged by happytans!

In this episode you will learn…

  • What the ebbs and flows of business can look like
  • What contributes to the “custom” piece of Bronze 515
  • Overcoming potential lows (questionable news, quick relocation)
  • How to utilize a membership program and why
  • When Marketing + Customer Services = Success!
  • Why to consider a Brand Ambassador Program

In this interview, Leah demonstrates her openness, action-oriented approach, and tenacity within the industry.  She offers real advice, addresses some different topics (ambassador/membership programs), and reminds us to “grind now, shine later”, which she’ll explain towards the end of the conversation.  We hope you enjoy this one as much as we did!

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