Today we are interviewing Erin Tietsort from Tulsa, Oklahoma! Erin was no stranger to sunless tanning when she began working in the industry. As a natural redhead, she began using self tanners to enhance her naturally pale skin and eventually upgraded to spray tanning as it became popular. Similar to others, she worked a 9-to-5 job and got into spray tanning after hours. While living in Los Angeles, California, she began working for a local salon, Sunset Tan. During her time at this salon, she participated in a reality-TV show, which she shares a bit about.

She began her career spray tanning celebrities and is transparent about her limited training during these high stakes times. Eventually her career transformed and she left LA to move back to Oklahoma, where she currently owns InnerGlow Spraytan and Body Contouring. Erin is a multifaceted business owner who offers perspective on the versatility of this industry as well as how she has made her business her own through unique business strategies.

In this episode you will learn…

  • How to create variety within this industry
  • What Erin has learned from her clients about confidence and change
  • How utilizing online booking software has changed the game
  • What business strategies are most successful for Erin and why (i.e., smaller team, space, ideal client, etc.)
  • What unique product Erin has co-developed that’s revolutionizing her spray tanning process completely!

Erin’s story is relatable while also offering a lot of new information to our listeners. You will have to tune in to find out about what unique product she has developed and the money making potential it has for your business!

Show Links:

Glow By Erin Drying Powder

Innerglow Spray Tan

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