Today on Happy Tans we have a special guest, Stephanie Mitchell, of Sunnystorm Marketing!  Sunnystorm focuses on helping beauty businesses (salons, spas, estheticians, etc.) with marketing, specifically helping business owners learn the ins and outs of marketing for themselves.

As an entrepreneur in the sunless tanning industry (or any industry really), you’ll come to realize executing the services is only a portion of the picture. In order to reach maximum results, you need effective skills in business management and marketing to reach the audience you hope to attract!

Stephanie guides us through the Top 7 Marketing Mistakes business owners make in the beauty industry.  She breaks down the most common mistakes people make and how to counteract these mistakes with appropriate, effective action.  These mistakes involve branding to email marketing to website presentation!

In addition to the information described above, in this episode, you will learn…

  • How effective marketing can drastically change your results
  • Why it’s important to bring YOURSELF into your business and branding
  • What it looks like to take small action today to produce greater results in the future
  • How to invest your money wisely (i.e., online advertisement, etc.)

If you haven’t done it already, start this episode now! Stephanie provides countless tips throughout the interview about the exact action you can take to get the results you desire. She also offers our listener a FREE PDF checklist to actively tackle the Top 7 Marketing Mistakes.

Download the checklist here!

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