When Drew Spurgers purchased his business in 2015 from desperate owners looking to escape the industry, he did not anticipate providing sunless tanning services as the business had done previously. SHADE Sunless Spa is houses multiple locations in Arkansas and offers a variety of services to its customers. Drew is one of our first interviewees to buy into the industry as opposed to utilizing its flexibility for additional income, etc.

He proceeded to expand his presence in the industry when he began learning more about Norvell Skin Solutions, eventually becoming a national educator and Brand Ambassador for Norvell. Drew shares his experiences as a small business owner within the tanning industry. Although he has a marketing background, he speaks to his passion about managing, building, and leading his team.

In this episode you will learn:

What lessons have been learned from both the highs & lows of owning a business
How Drew turned a sinking business into a success through immediate emphasis on customer service (i.e., Education + Service)
What you can do to market more effectively
Why you need to find your people so they can find you!
How quality memberships, reviews, & customer-ease-features have enhanced the business
What services Drew has added & altered over time to improve customer satisfaction as well as business growth

Throughout this interview Drew offers a ton of advice about how to locate your customer, cater to their preferences, and enhance the impact and success of your business. Drew reminds us of the importance of the customer and what a little sacrifice, teamwork, and perseverance can do in time!

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