Carissa Serylo owns SprayChic in Wixom, Michigan!  She entered this industry following a major shift in her personal life.  Through a series of circumstances, she was introduced to spray tanning and began building her business in a home-based setting.  After ten successful years in the industry, Carissa shares her pride about her current location, how her business has grown over the years, and the changes she underwent to meet her goals!

As her business began expanding and succeeding, Carissa opens up about how she struggled with the changes in her role and shifting away from the in-person experience with the client.  She learned many lessons about letting go and trusting in others, which can be common experience and challenge as your business is growing.

In this episode you will learn:

  • What Carissa means when she says, “Just let things happen…”
  • How both the high & low times have shaped her journey
  • Why her role has shifted as the business has grown & what she has learned from these transitions
  • Why it’s important to decipher what is unique to you/your business & what to do with the knowledge
  • What Carissa is thinking twice about when it comes to customer service
  • How you can increase your education & training through Norvell Academy

Like many others, Carissa entered this industry without any prior knowledge in spray tanning.  With lots of hard work, dedication, and her developed passion for spray tanning, she has built an incredible business in Michigan that has evolved over the last decade. Tune in and let us know what you’re taking away from this episode!

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