Jordan Bell from Smart Bronze spray tanning

Name: Jordan Bell
Business: Smart Bronze Sunless Tanning
Location: Southlake, Texas

Jordan Bell joins us today from Southlake, Texas, which is located between Dallas and Fort Worth. Jordan had experience as a spray tan technician, however, she took a leap for a management position at Smart Bronze and the rest is history! Tune in to hear who provided Jordan with this amazing opportunity and how she has made the most of it.

Smart Bronze Sunless Tanning is a sunless only tanning salon, which is difficult to achieve within this industry, nevertheless in small town like Southlake. During peak times, they can provide over 150 tans during a weekday! Jordan is passionate about her team members, including how they are compensated, educated, and treated by the company. She shares specifics about what this looks like at Smart Bronze along with several other helpful tips.

In this episode you will learn…

  • Why Customer Service PLUS Education is the best equation for success!
  • What it means to master one skill & why it’s important
  • How Jordan has overcome struggles as a manager & business owner
  • Why salon culture is important & what message Smart Bronze hopes to convey to their team members
  • What choices & sacrifices Jordan has made along the way
  • Jordan’s #1 team tip & focus!

One thing that stands out throughout the interview is Jordan’s mindset and her determination to continue to evolve in the many realms of this industry. She isn’t afraid to learn from her mistakes, make adjustments as needed, and she continues to stay the course. Smart Bronze strongly emphasizes both customer service as well as passion its for team members. It is this balance along with great leadership that has led to their success. Tune in to learn from your peers and gather some insight into what works for them and could potentially work for you!

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