Name:  Stefani Pierce
Business:  Spray Tans by Stefani
Instagram: Spray Tans by Stefani
Location:  Oahu, Hawaii

Today we are welcoming our first happytans guest from Hawaii, Stefani Pierce!  She owns Spray Tans by Stefani, which is housed in Oahu, Hawaii.  Being located in a tour-heavy town, she has a unique perspective on some of the challenges she has experienced within this industry based on her location.

Stefani started to get involved in the industry in 2014, however, she experienced the most growth over the last year – nearly 60-70%!  She is a great example of why it’s important to stay the course and what can result from consistent efforts within your niche. Unlike some of our other guests, Stefani’s market includes a large military population and she sheds light on how this has influenced her business decisions.

In this episode you will learn…

  • Why it’s beneficial to utilize social media (even when you don’t think you need to!)
  • How her prices were determined based on location, clientele, etc.
  • The power of the “word of mouth”
  • Stefani’s #1 key to success!
  • What Stefani wished she knew from day one!

Stefani’s story is an important reminder of why it’s important to understand your customer and how to identify needs within your community.  These two components, along with a healthy dose of personability and a

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