Name:  Marleen Antelo

Business:  Smooth Summer Tan

Location:  Austin, Texas

Today we are joined by Marleen Antelo, the owner and founder of Smooth Summer Tan.  Her mobile tanning business exists in Austin, Texas and she also recently released a tan remover product, which you can hear more about in the interview!

Marleen is originally from the Netherlands and did not know much about spray tanning prior to coming to the United States.  Although she had a successful job in real estate in the Netherlands, once moving the US she had to find a different path. She received her first spray tan six months after moving and this quickly led to her interest in the industry.  From a consumer to a business owner, she shares so many aspects of her journey!

In this episode you will learn…

  • What Marleen learned from one of her most challenging moments & how she overcame
  • Some of her most memorable experiences both as a client and with clients
  • How she defines success
  • What to do with slower times in your business in order to maintain growth
  • How she collaborates with other businesses (i.e., beauty bars, etc.)
  • What has contributed to Marleen’s ability to grow her business nearly 50% each year over the last 4 years!
  • An overview of the process of creating her own product

Marleen’s story is a great example of how quickly you can grow your tanning business, however, she reminds us this does not come without a lot of hard work, determination, and sacrifice!  Through her journey she has gained a better understanding of when to invest energy and when to remove it, intentionally surrounding yourself with the right people, and staying the course. You can hear about all of this and more in the interview!

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