Name:  Jenna Alvarado
Business:  TLS Tans
Location:  Tri-state area; serves multiple locations (mobile tanning)

Jenna Alvarado’s interest in spray tanning began with a personal experience with a friend and a Google search.  She serves over 30 different towns and shares with our listeners the different elements that have allowed her to generate such a wide-range of business.  She also offers great advice for utilizing social media, specifically Instagram, to connect with clients!

Jenna took a risk and left the security of her full-time job to pursue her interest in the sunless tanning industry.  Over the last two years her mobile tanning business has grown by leaps and bounds. Jenna offers her perspective on the importance of learning more about business, not just sunless tanning businesses, and how this knowledge has shaped her choices.  She has poured a great deal of energy and passion into her path thus far and you can hear this throughout her interview!

In this episode you will learn…

  • How to utilize social media within your business/marketing
  • Why it’s important to connect with your audience and how to go about it!
  • What Jenna learned from one of her worst moments
  • Why focusing on the clients you have may be more important that those you’re trying to attract
  • Which resources Jenna has turned to throughout her journey
  • What advice Jenna would give her younger self!

Being a guest on happytans was an item on Jenna’s 2019 vision board and today it became a reality!  It was pleasure to hear her journey and how to she progressed so quickly within our community. We hope you enjoy this interview as much as we did!

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