Name:  Kait Bauschke
Business Name:  Tans by Kait
Location:  Winnipeg, Manitoba (Canada)

Today we are welcoming Kait all the way from Winnipeg in Canada!  Although she’s only been in the industry for a short amount of time, she’s quickly paving her way.  With many years of experience in the service industry and a lack of interest in pursuing the “college-job-work for others” route, Kait took a leap of faith to work for herself!

Kait is currently working exclusively in a salon setting and she shares about how she has partnered successfully with a full service salon in her area.  When she first began pursuing this industry, there were limited options in Canada for individuals wanting to get a spray tan. Kait chose to take a risk in an area she thought would be a successful niche and her choices have paid off!  She is fully self-taught and she shares how this fact has influenced her path. Through consistent hard work, unrelenting faith and focus, and smart, creative choices, Kait has developed a unique brand and business.

In the episode you will learn:

  • How Kait has partnered with a salon & made a unique, multi-beneficial location choice
  • What pivotal moments she experienced with clients that influenced the way she runs her business
  • Why it’s important to connect with customers & what this looks like for Kait (including specific phrasing!)
  • How her experience has shifted throughout her journey & business growth
  • What are the most important marketing decisions she is making
  • What is means to develop & represent her brand

Kait demonstrates to our listeners how you can get creative with your choices as an entrepreneur, whether it’s through location, how you connect with customers, and what to do with the waves of the industry.  She also serves as another great example about how quickly one can experience success in spray tanning through hard work, dedication, and passion!


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