Name: Katherine Katz
Business: GloBody, Inc.
Location: Charlotte, NC

Today we’re learning from another Queen City local, Katherine “Kat” Katz, who’s responsible for branding and marketing with GloBody, Inc. in Charlotte, NC. Kat educates our listeners on the “business in a box” approach of GloBody, Inc., where the foundational business pieces are provided to those interested in starting this type of business. Kat has a thorough background in the beauty industry as well as in branding and marketing. With all of this knowledge and experience, she shares numerous pointers about how to narrow your focus in order to go further in your business.

Kat provides our listeners with specific tips about what elements are necessary for successful branding as well as why these pieces matter for your business and how to apply them immediately. She dives into the various ways to promote your business through successful engagement with your client, such as knowing your audience, building brand ambassadors, and gaining consent for media sharing. Some of the themes throughout this interview include consistency, clarity, community, and connection.

In this episode, you will learn…

  • Why it’s vital to work from the group up if you want to reach the top
  • Kat’s 2 key elements of branding!
  • How to discover and implement your very own “Brand DNA”
  • What you need to know in order to reach your audience through specific social media platforms
  • How to engage with clients for business promotion & marketing (i.e., sharing client photos, posting reviews, etc.)
  • Why Kat recommends giving back to your community & how to start now
  • Knowing how to price your services & appropriately valuing your services

If you are looking for ways to start, enhance, or tweak your marketing and branding TODAY, then this interview is for you! Kat provides us with simple step by step tools for improving your business and connecting to your goals. Many of her messages boil down to consistency and knowing your vision, which are helpful reminders for any industry. Remember to leave us a review and let us know what you think, Happy tanning!

Kat’s bio

I’m a go-getter…a mom, entrepreneur, fitness advocate, yogi and the VP of Brand and Product Development at Globody Inc.

I was fortunate to have a successful corporate career in cosmetics working for brands such as MAC and Benefit Cosmetics. My 25 years in cosmetics ranged of managing communications, negotiation, marketing, and promotion and the Business Development for Latin America.

Born and raised on Long Island, I attended Puerto Rico’s Inter-American University where I graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration. I spent time in Miami prior to settling in the Carolinas nearly a decade ago. My extensive travels and my fluency in Spanish have provided me with cosmopolitan sensibilities, allowing me to relate to and assist a broad range of clientele.

Currently a Fort Mill resident, I appreciate the entire Charlotte area for its myriad of recreational, cultural and social opportunities combined with its coveted small town ambiance.

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