Name: Jena Mehlberg
Business: CATALYST
Location: Orlando, Florida

Jena Mehlberg is the owner of CATALYST Salon in Orlando, Florida.  She entered the industry in 2008 and quickly progressed to mobile tanning in 2009 due to some challenges Jena openly shares with our listeners.  A difficult moment turned into a turning point for Jena and reignited her path in the sunless industry. Jena has experience with mobile tanning, working for others, space rental, and business ownership.  She walks us through her journey to owning her own salon in 2018, which has been life-changing and empowering.

As Jena has grown into owning her own business, she has learned many lessons, tips, and insights along the way.  She shares about the importance of challenging your beliefs around time and money in order to expand your business to its full potential.  Jena also has helpful reminders about the vitality of customer service and just how it contributes to the daily interactions you have with your clients.

In this episode, you will learn…

  • How to convert negative energy & experiences into positive practice
  • What challenges Jena worked through to eventually create her own salon
  • How business tasks/expectations have changed as her business has grown
  • Why there is power in saying “no”
  • What Jena has gained from asking for help & recognizing her limitations
  • Why you need to take the time to ask yourself, “Why am I doing this?”

The journey described by Jena is one which many can relate to when reflecting on their own process.  There have been successes, moments of questioning, challenging experiences, trial and error, steps back, reassessment, and the list goes on.  Oftentimes when we’re going through the motions and the day today, we forget the journey is what matters most, not the destination. Without acknowledging the moments where things got tough, didn’t work out, or appeared to be failing, Jena may not have expanded her vision to include owning her own salon.  As you tune in, let us know what speaks to you about Jena’s journey and if you hear yourself in any of her experiences!

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