Heather Souther on the happytans podcast

Name: Heather Souther
Business: Safely Sunning
Location: Topeka Kansas

Today we welcome Heather Souther of Safely Sunning in Topeka, Kansas! She jumped into spray tanning after completing hair school and eventually connected with someone needing help in the industry. Through a series of events, Heather would come to purchase the spray tanning business where she was working. Although not something she would have originally imagined for herself, Heather began desiring the opportunity to do something bigger and to test our her business ideas.

Safely Sunning is one of the only premiere sunless-specific salons in Topeka. Heather has the experience of adding to her team at Safely Sunning and she shares her visions of future growth she’s currently desiring in order to meet business needs. She prioritizes affordable tans, team relationships, personal development, and persistent work ethic. She shares not only her current business successes but also her future goals for her business, including opening additional locations.

In this episode you will learn:

  • What it can look like to purchase an existing business
  • How to utilize team & business meeting time effectively
  • High & lows within the industry
  • Ideas about adding to your team, including the interviewing process
  • Why transitioning clients to new artists may be easier than you think
  • How Heather looks forward & plans for her future business growth

Heather has a unique perspective to share with our listeners as someone took over an already existing business and has since elevated it to become what it is today. She continues to shift her vision to include more growth and development, both professionally and personally. This drive and work ethic helps her to continue expanding within the sunless industry and we’re excited to see where her path takes her!

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