Name: Lucy Salguero
Business: Tanning Luxe
Location: Fresno, CA

Lucy Salguero is joining us from Fresno, California where she owns Tanning Luxe. She began with mobile tanning and she continues to provide mobile tanning services in addition to tanning by appointment only at a studio. Her sunless tanning story began in 2008, where she prepared all year for her launch on January 1, 2009. Since 2008, she has continued to grow her knowledge through various unique self-practices that she shares here with our listeners!

An essential piece of Lucy’s success comes from being transparent, intentional, and involved with her clients. She takes the time to communicate openly about the process, seeks feedback from her clients, offers direction, and nurtures the relationships she builds with others.

In this episode you will learn:

  • What power comes from your mindset & how to improve it
  • Which resources Lucy personally recommends!
  • How your thoughts & feelings could be holding you back
  • Why & how Lucy remains intentional about cohesive branding
  • What roadblocks you may face as you grow & how to manage being overwhelmed by the growing task list
  • Why you ought to write your goals down…right now!

Throughout this interview, you will hear Lucy’s psychology background shine through her approach to the sunless tanning business and process. There are fun facts scattered throughout in addition to helpful reminders, things to reflect on, and ways to start making improvements now. She offers a fresh perspective about why intentionality, passion, and care are so essential in running a successful business. Tune in now to start furthering your growth today!

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