Name: Stevie Jackson
Business: Bronzed Babes OC
Location: Frisco, TX

In this episode, Stevie shares her story of how she was able to relocate her new business from California to Texas and grow it into something she never expected.  After having her third baby, she decided that working a boring, corporate desk job wasn’t for her.  She wanted to do something she was passionate about.  Enter spray tanning!

You will learn:

  • How Stevie was able to relocate her business and grow it much bigger than it ever was
  • How Stevie leveraged Facebook to grow her business organically (hint: it wasn’t her self-promoting either)
  • How to handle asking “high profile” clients for their approval on using their images on your social media
  • How Stevie purposely branded her business and services to sound unique
  • +more!


  • Not sure what happened but the podcast stopped after about 10 min or so, I can’t go back or forward. Is it just me?


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