In this episode, Brittani from Bronzed by Brittani, shares her journey over the last 7.5 years.  Over the years she has faced her share of challenges, but that hasn’t stopped her from chasing after her dreams.  Thanks to her passion & motivation for the love of what she does, she has been able to overcome obstacles to get to where she is.

Now as part of After Glow Sunless, she is working hard to offer a high-quality product to the Canadian market.

In this episode you will learn:

  • How Brittani was able to overcome a $2,000 mistake
  • How Brittani has been able to continually grow her business through her love for education & sunless tanning
  • The way Brittani obtained her first paying client
  • Her respect for mobile tanning & why it can be challenging + how to overcome it
  • How she survived the Covid-19 pandemic
  • How Brittani became a sunless educator for AG Sunless
  • + much more!

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