With over 17 years of experience at a large chain of tanning salons, Total Tan, Michelle had a lot of experience in the industry.  Not only did she learn a lot from what they did right, but she also learned what else she wanted to do differently.

Her business thrives on taking time with each client and really becoming friends with them.  Rather than opt for the short appointments and the in-and-out method, Michelle takes time with each client to make sure they feel special because they are.

In this episode, you will learn:

  • Why Michelle does what she does..and who she does it for
  • Why becoming an entrepreneur later in life can still work
  • What she learned from over 17 years at a large tanning salon chain
  • How she is able to create a thriving business in the snow capital of the US
  • + much more!

If you want to connect with Michelle, you can do so via her website:


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