In this episode, Brandon Cardinal from Sunless, Inc. & Norvell Sunless, discusses his experience in the tanning industry.  The way he got into the industry is probably one of the most unusual stories I’ve ever heard, but nevertheless, here he is!  With years of experience working with Rick Norvell personally, Brandon help build Norvell Sunless & the Norvell University into what they are today – one of, if not the, most prominent brands in the industry.

In this episode you will learn:

  • How Brandon got into the sunless tanning industry
  • How Rick pushed Brandon to find out the best way to educate sunless tanners (enter Norvell University)
  • How Norvell is able to continue to produce amazing products
  • + much more!

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  • Hi, Podcast was going great…. But, The recording ended before the gentleman was finished. I am wondering if I’m able to get the full podcast somewhere in your records? Thanks so much


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