Haley Staples ran a successful tanning business in Orange County, California before her recent move to Texas. She transitioned from mobile tanning to owning her own salon in nearly 9 months. Listen now to learn more about how her hard work paid off, tips and tools she learned along the way, and what she wished she knew as her journey began.

  • 0:59 – Started out mobile in 2010
  • 2:29 – Worst entrepreneurial moment led to greater connection and validation from the community in the long run
  • 3:44 – The other side of the coin
  • 6:26 – One Step At A Time: “I realized my business was not going to grow the way that I wanted it to unless I brought other people in to help me”
  • 7:15 – Adding to the roster
  • 7:52 – Ongoing assessment
  • 9:19 – Haley’s key to growing your business
  • 10:52 – What is the one thing that contributed MOST to your success?
  • 12:15 – How to handle unhappy clients
  • 14:58 – Equipment & Solution: as business developed, product needs and usage evolved
  • 17:39 – Experience pays off: “Start out with something small, something reasonable, get your feet wet and then you can figure out what it is that really works for you”
  • 18:44 – Training & Certification
  • 20:11 ­– Dear Haley…A letter to your former self

Highs and Lows

  • Struggles: down season, loss of connection to spray tanning community to normalize slow season in tanning
  • Successes: running full capacity, maximizing her business – her hard work paying off
  • Connecting with other complimentary businesses (i.e., hair, waxing salons)

Business Changes/Growth “Business Growth: One Step At A Time”

  • Greater and more effective success if others are added to the business
  • Expansion: hiring others, started small – one employee at a time, training, see how things go, add another

Slowly brought in one employee at a time and took time to train, supervise, etc. to gauge quality of work, reassess for effective success – done weekly/

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