Lauren Bidlock resides in Alberta, Canada, where she runs a successful sunless tanning business. She shares her personal experience and knowledge about the industry, what it takes to run a strong, unique operation, and provides tangible tips throughout to help you improve your business immediately.

  • 0:51 – Greetings from Canada: Meet Lauren!
  • 2:01 – Seasonal Entrepreneurial Lows
  • 2:45 – Lauren’s risk taking led to her top entrepreneurial moment
  • 4:18 – Tips on Customization: “…make it look like it’s yours so it doesn’t look like anybody else’s to stand out”
  • 6:36 – Impact of business growth on a day-to-day basis
  • 8:43 – Greatest Business Decision
  • 12:28 – Ways to save money!
  • 13:53 – Solution & Equipment
  • 15:06 – Education Experience & Canada-Specific Certification: Ask, ask, ask!
  • 17:44 – Canadian Challenges in the Sunless Tanning Business
  • 18:51 – Note to Self: “Be open to new things, trying new things…[don’t] be scared to step out of your comfort zone”

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