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Hey, everybody, this is Grant with happytans. Just wanted to make a quick little video about the top five reasons why you need a website for your spray tanning business. Now, obviously, there’s way more than five reasons. However, I just want to touch on the top five reasons that I came up with to why your spray tanning business needs a website. Number one, probably the most important reason out of all of them, is so your customers can find you. I get a lot of people talking about this, and the top, the best, ways to generate business and leads for your business and still, for any business, I recommend, especially for local service businesses, is the fact that they need a good and effective website in order to generate some traffic and some leads. Now, obviously, this is a long-term solution, and it does take time for you to be found online in their searches, but it is a necessary step for you to have and for you to take.

The website is your foundation. In my mind, it is the foundation of your business online, and it puts you out there so that people can find you online. Local searches are very important for businesses, because they’re more likely to turn into transactions or, in your case, for somebody to book a service. They found that a lot of people were searching online on their phones: About one in two people that search for a local service on their mobile phone are going to turn into a transaction or a customer, that day. That is important. That’s why you need to be online. That’s why you need to be able to be found; so that is the number one most important reason of why you need a website for your spray tanning business: So people can find you online. The number two reason that I wanted to give was, it gives you a chance for you to talk about the message for you and your company and your brand. Now, I’m not saying for you to sit there and talk a lot about yourself.

It’s great to have a little introduction, it’s great to have a photo to just kind of introduce yourself, because spray tanning is very intimate. However, the website should be focused on your customers and what you offer them. They might care to see, “Hey, I was certified.” That’s great, they don’t need to know your entire backstory. It’s good if you have a story to, “Hey, this is my motivation to why I got into this industry.” Of course people want to read that, and if they want to, they’ll go find it on your About page, but don’t make your website self-centric on yourself. Make it about your customers. The about page, by the way, is the number two most visited page on a website, they found in studies, so it is important to have an About page. However, make sure that the About page is about the customers and not too much about you and yourself, but more or less what you can offer to your customers.

Number three, something that is often overlooked is the fact that a website is a 24/7 marketing tool for you. It does not eat. It does not sleep. It does not drink. It doesn’t need to go to the bathroom. It doesn’t need to do anything but sit online and market for you. Now, that being said, obviously, you have Facebook, you have Twitter, you have other ways to get out there, but those require your attention … Those require more attention for you: You have to post pictures. You have to stay active. You have to be, if people message you, you got to talk back. Obviously, if somebody submits through a contact form, you have to as well. However, the website gives you a lot more ability to speak about yourself to answer these questions for people that they might be asking you about. “Hey, schedule online, go here. Hey, you have questions? Go to the frequently asked questions page, so you can go there.”

That kind of leads me into number four, the number four most important … The fourth most important reason to me is so that you can, in fact, answer the questions that your clients or potential clients might have. Now, I see a lot of websites, obviously, they have the FAQ page, they have the pre-tan and post-tan care pages, which I do recommend through my happytans service. We have those default pages set up, but another thing that you can do is, to take that a step further, is to answer these questions in a longer form in a blog post; so, any other questions that people ask, any other ones that you answer in a frequently asked question, can easily be turned into a blog post. If you think about taking one of those questions and turning them into a longer form, answer, a response, like, “Am I going to turn orange?” Everybody has that question. Everybody has that in their frequently asked questions. Everybody answers the same way. “No, you’re not. We have, we use the best quality solution,” so on and so forth.

Why not write a blog post that explains why somebody would turn orange in the first place? If you go ahead and answer that question and tell the person, “Hey, look, we understand that you turn orange, or somebody turns orange, or it has a connotation, the spray tan has a connotation that I might turn orange. These are the reasons why you turn orange, X, Y, Z. This is why you will not turn orange with us, A, B, C,” so you have the chance to answer that. You could take any other questions from your FAQ and turn that into a long post, so, “What should I do before my tan?” “What should I do after my tan?” “How do I maintain my tan?” “What types of products do you use?” “Why do you use these products,” so on and so forth. Obviously, I’m not going to go beat that thing, talk about it too much, but you understand what I’m saying: That you have a great opportunity here to explain yourself to talk about, answer all these questions, essentially, is what you want to do on a blog.

I don’t see a lot of businesses doing that. I think it’s still a huge opportunity for you to do that and get more exposure for yourself and your brand and to speak it in the way that you do. I don’t think people need to go look at what other people are doing. Talk as you, because it’s your business, your message. Everybody’s a little bit different, and that’s what makes you unique, and that is what makes you successful, and last but not least, the number five reason is the fact that it makes you look a lot more professional. I’ve seen a lot of websites in the spray tanning industry, some good, some bad, but the thing that have a website is a lot, makes you look a lot more professional as a business. If I’m looking for a business nowadays and they don’t have a website, me personally, because I’m in the web industry, no way I’m going to contact them. Obviously, it’ll be a little bit different from person to person, but having a nice, professional website really speaks to the potential customer.

It shows that you’re professional. It shows that you care. It shows that you invested in your business. That means a lot. These free websites and stuff can be great. It’s a wonderful opportunity for you to get online. However, they can be a little limiting, and I think that they can have a bad connotation in the minds of your potential customers, so if I can recommend anything, it’s to spend a little bit of money on a professional website. Shameless plug, obviously, is a professional-built website. It’s for sunless tanners, built on a drag-and-drop website builder that was created. It’s amazing. It’s easy to use. It’s cheap, 25 bucks a month to get started, no upfront fees. You get online for 25 bucks a month. The SEO is built in, which means people can find you, and again, these websites are professional.

I’m always here to help with that, so shameless plug, but I really want to get that out there to more people, because it’s such a wonderful tool for people to use: To make you look, make your business look very, very professional; so having a professional website can go a long way. People look at you different. They actually, probably shows a little bit more respect between them and you, so having that professional website, it does mean a lot to people. Lots of times, people might not think that, they might not know that, because these people might never reach out to you, but if somebody comes across it, they might not reach out to you because of that fact. That’s why I urge you to invest a little bit in your website upfront, so those are the top five reasons, in my mind, as to why you need a website. I could come up with a whole boatload more, if you’d like for me to, but I just want to share those top five reasons of why you need a website for your spray tanning business.

If you have any questions or find I didn’t answer anything or didn’t explain it enough, feel free to reach out to me, [email protected] You can submit your message through the contact form on the website, or you can find me online. Thank you very much.

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