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#42 – The Red, White & Bronzed!

Today we are welcoming our first happytans guest from Hawaii, Stefani Pierce! She owns Spray Tans by Stefani, which is housed in Oahu, Hawaii. Being located in a tour-heavy town, she has a unique perspective on some of the challenges she has experienced within this industry based on her location.

#41 – Keepin’ Busy!

Jordan Bell joins us today from Southlake, Texas, which is located between Dallas and Fort Worth. Jordan had experience as a spray tan technician, however, she took a leap for a management position at Smart Bronze and the rest is history! Tune in to hear who provided Jordan with this amazing opportunity and how she has made the most of it.

#40 – Just let things happen

Carissa Serylo owns SprayChic in Wixom, Michigan! She entered this industry following a major shift in her personal life. Through a series of circumstances, she was introduced to spray tanning and began building her business in a home-based setting. After ten successful years in the industry, Carissa shares her pride about her current location, how her business has grown over the years, and the changes she underwent to meet her goals!

#39 – Let’s go sunless!

When Drew Spurgers purchased his business in 2015 from desperate owners looking to escape the industry, he did not anticipate providing sunless tanning services as the business had done previously.

#38 – A One-Stop-Shop

Welcome listeners!  Today we interview Amanda Berger, co-founder of GloBody, Inc.  She entered the industry with no business experience yet has been able to create a one-stop-shop business machine.  GloBody offers a plethora of services, including mobile tanning gurus, tanning products, solutions, machines, tents, certifications, and more!

#37 – The Common Mistakes of Sunless Marketing

Today on Happy Tans we have a special guest, Stephanie Mitchell, of Sunnystorm Marketing!  Sunnystorm focuses on helping beauty businesses (salons, spas, estheticians, etc.) with marketing, specifically helping business owners learn the ins and outs of marketing for themselves.