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#34 – Learning what works for YOU

Brittney Bennett began her career in the hotel industry. As she relocated to Los Angeles, CA to continue pursuing her career, she needed a way to remain afloat financially in this expensive town…enter spray tanning! Little did she know, she would quickly learn providing the service of spray tanning was only a small piece of the business puzzle.

#31 – A Group Effort with Bronzed Humanity

Join us as we chat with Megan & Lauren, co-owners of Bronzed Humanity in San Jose, CA. They share about their co-owning experience and their different management roles, which help them to collaboratively tackle all the facets of their business.

#30 – A Tanspiration

D’Ann Palomarez owns TanSpire Houston in Houston, Texas. Similar to many of our other guests, D’Ann straddled multiple industries prior to transitioning to spray tanning full time. She even left the industry for a time before returning and developing her own tanning salon.

#29 – A new business concept

This interview features Christina Kauffman, the owner of Blush Tan in Boston, MA.  She not only owns multiple locations in Boston, she also manages a licensing program.  If you’ve been following us here on happytans, you may notice this is new information to our ears.