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Mobile spray tan business plan 2018

So you are considering starting your own spray tan business and you feel a bit overwhelmed. From everything you have heard and read, you feel that there is great potential for you to succeed in the business. You have done some research on Google and social media, including Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. You see the […]

Do 80% of your clients come from your website?

Everyone knows that I am a huge proponent for websites, especially for small service businesses like spray tanning.  In fact, I created an entire website building system to help remove any barriers that may exist.  When I asked people why they don’t have a website the most common responses were always the same: I don’t […]

Finding your ideal clients

Hey everyone, Grant from Happy Tans here. I just want to make a quick video kind of vlog about discounting … I’ve seen some people posting these groups about possible sites,,, these types of sites. They’re great to get people in your door, but I feel like a lot of people focusing on […]

Why your clients don’t listen to you

  Hey everyone, Grant with Happy Tans again. I just wanted to talk about another question or issue that people were having. This one was pertaining to their clients following the instructions. After talking to a few people I think that a lot of that has to do with how a couple things, one, probably […]

How to get REAL client photos

 Hey everyone. Grant from Happy Tans back here again to answer some more questions that we had. It looked like some people were posting in the forum that they were having an issue with getting pictures from their clients. I understand that. That’s a real challenge for a lot of people. People starting out […]

Why your spray tan business needs a website

Video transcript Hey, everybody, this is Grant with happytans. Just wanted to make a quick little video about the top five reasons why you need a website for your spray tanning business. Now, obviously, there’s way more than five reasons. However, I just want to touch on the top five reasons that I came up […]

Just Say “NO!”

If you have started your business and put it online, I’m sure you’ve had a ton of phone calls regarding your business, business listing, etc. You may get calls from Yelp, YP or even someone saying that they are from Google. Let me give you some insight – just say no. Google If someone calls […]

Getting Reviews on Google

Google My Business is a great place to get reviews for your business. It is controlled by the big “G” which is always good, considering they control about 70% of the search engine industry. I personally prefer to focus on Google reviews over the likes of Yelp and Facebook because I think Google’s local business […]

It Takes Time

I wanted to start off the week with a little Monday motivation for everyone. I know most of the recent posts have been motivational, but I think it is necessary for every business owner. I was speaking with a spray tanner earlier (I won’t mention any names =D), and they said that their business was […]


This word is monumental to you as a business owner. I can guarantee that every single person that is reading this article struggles with this. I know I do. Focus is essentially the ability to pay attention to things that will help your business and avoid distractions that will hurt it. A great podcast that […]

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